As the proprietress of Spider and Aubergine, I will be responsible for helping your stay in Japan be a memorable, exciting, and fruitful one. My goal is to become a pragmatic yet personal guide to Tokyo “after dark”.  And if you’re confused why I have two names; Emi is my birth name, which I go by with friends and acquaintances. Kinako (奇奈子) or Mistress Kinako is my nom de plume given to me by Akira Naka sensei, and this is the name I go by when working in the BDSM/kink scene in Tokyo. Please feel free to refer to me with whichever name that makes you feel comfortable.

emi_profileI was born and raised in Yokohama, Japan. Perhaps my not-so-typical Japanese upbringing was what led me to be exposed to multiple facets of both underground and fetish culture from an young age. Fortunately, my family was quite liberal and encouraged me to dive into all sorts of things that interested me. Since I was unable to (legally) attend club and fetish events, I furthered my exploration in such (sub)cultures via publications and the internet (I credit SM SNIPER online for sparking my interest in becoming a rope bunny). I moved to Los Angeles shortly after turning 18 years old to attend college and remained there to complete my MFA degree. During my studies, I briefly lived in Amsterdam, NL, and studied the culture of the Red Light District (De Wallen); I owe everything I know to Mariska Majoor, who runs the Prostitutie Informatie Centrum (PIC) in the heart of De Wallen. During my time in the US, I was introduced and became an active part of drag/faux-queen culture, BDSM/kink, and established great partnerships with members of the various scenes.

I owe my first professional rope bondage experience to Master Feenix, house Dom at Club Bar Sinister in Hollywood. Thanks to him elevating my shibari experience from fumbling around with kimono ties at home to being tied up by a professional rigger, I’ve been keen on experiencing every single type of shibari style out there before fully deciding which style I want to devote myself to. These days you can spot me at Ichinawa Salon, hosted by Ichinawakai, either being rigged or figuring out a new pattern to try out on a model.

Upon returning to Japan, I have been given the opportunity to work with the incomparable Kinoko Hajime (whose work I became a huge fan of while living in Los Angeles). I have, and continue to work as an interpreter for his shibari classes, as well as being responsible for the English subtitles for his instructional DVDs released by Van Associates.

I currently work at a BDSM/Fetish bar in the heart of Kabukicho; TITTY TWISTER, to be exact (Yes, it’s named after the notorious bar that appears in the film “From Dusk Till Dawn” that Danny Trejo bartends for)

My main focus in the Tokyo BDSM scene is being a mistress for a SM Club (Not to be mistaken for a bar). You can book me for private sessions via CLUB MYRRH. Feel free to contact me directly if you need any assistance in making a booking.

I look forward to meeting you upon your arrival in Tokyo-