Myself and Princess would whole heartily like to endorse Emi’s┬áservices! The first time we arrived in Tokyo, we found it overwhelming and her knowledge of fun vanilla things (like fish shaped chocolate croissants) and fun kinky things (like underground bondage meet ups) made our trip extremely worthwhile. Plus she’s damn cute and a hell of a nice person. Sign her on when you head to Japan, you won’t be disappointed.



I’m so thankful that I found Emi-san before my trip to Tokyo as she made this trip one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. I was able to communicate with her before my trip and we were able to plan out everything I wanted to do during my visit. She was very helpful in not only setting up privates but also offering me suggestion of places to visit and shop. The best thing that Emi-san helped me to do in Japan was to set up a three hour private with Kinoko Hajime-sensei, which she translated for me. She also found me a model at the last minute, as my bottom wasn’t able to attend; this really took a great deal of stress out of my hand. After my private with Kinoko-sensei we also set up a tour of Akihabara which was amazing as we visited the famous Sun shop and M’s. I was a kid in a candy store in those places and she helped me translate and even suggested some of the books and DVDs that I should buy. We were also able to stop and eat at Gyu-Kaku during our visit which was really nice as we didn’t have to order with sign language as she took care of the ordering for us. Overall I’m really glad that I met Emi-san and I hope that next time we can do a longer tour and maybe visit some of the rope bars that are in Tokyo.